Dubai attractions

Dubai is undoubtedly known as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. One reason Dubai is such a popular tourist destination is because of its wide range of Dubai attractions. You’ll find everything from expensive pure gold, to adventurous vehicle trails to desert safaris to even attractions like swimming and deep sea diving!

The Gold Souk
Loads of glitz and glittering wares – that’s what the famous Gold Souk in Dubai is all about. If you are looking for a wide variety in Gold coupled with street malls, the Gold Souk is one of the main attractions in Dubai. You will find plenty of Asian styled jewelry in the Gold Souk and this is one of the chief attractions that bring in a lot of foreigners to this place. You will find plenty of jewelers here from the Indian subcontinent. The price of the Gold you are purchasing here will depend on the current market rate per gram of Gold. However no matter what the price, you can expect to find some great attractions here like Gold artifacts, jewelry etc. Read more about shopping and jewelry shopping in Dubai.

The Wild Wadi water park
This is one of the other main attractions of Dubai. With more than 23 exciting water rides, this place also manages to have a fake thunderstorm! You will find plenty of water ride attractions here which appeal to children as well as adults. Right from log rides to surf simulating rides, there are many ride attractions to choose from in the Wild Wadi Park. There is even a very steep slide from which you can get a panoramic view of the place. This is another attractions which you just cannot miss! Read more about Wild Wadi.

The Great desert safari
This is one of the most famous attractions in Dubai. However, one word of caution is that if you are prone to motion sickness then this trip could end up being your worst! Depending on the time of the year you are traveling to this place, the temperature will vary outside. You can go for sand boarding in some of these attractions. When you travel up and down on the sand dunes, it seems like one of the best attractions you have ever experienced! You can even get a bit of strenuous exercise by walking up and down the sand dunes. It certainly burns a lot of calories – which is another of those attractions for the health conscious. Read more about Dubai desert safaris.

Burj Al Arab
This is one of those spectacular attractions that draw in tourists every single year. Known for its marvelous architecture this is one of the best known attractions in terms of hotels in Dubai. Once there, you will find such a myriad of colors in the tower that it almost seems gaudy. Right from red, yellow, blue, green to lots of Gold – this hotel building is one of the famous attractions simply because of the colors it has! The food is simply splendid and worth every penny spent. No wonder this place is counted as one of the main attractions in Dubai! Detailed information about the famous Burj Al Arab.

Another attractions worth to see
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