Dubai beaches

Who says that Dubai is just a plain desert? Well, it is far from our beliefs that Dubai is simply a vast land of sands and deserts because Dubai is indeed an ideal beach paradise located at the most scenic spot of the Middle East. Truly, Dubai is one of the world’s wonder in terms of best beaches! Serenity, adventure, comfort, plus fun are tucked and packed up into one spot in the Middle East when we are talking about beaches and resorts. Here in Dubai, you can experience a wonderful and crisp white beach sands that many tourist wished to see.

Dubai BeachesThe beaches of Dubai are really accessible to visitors, guests and tourists within and even outside the vicinity of Dubai. In order to reach the beach spot of Dubai, you can drag along the road of Jumeira. Jumeira is a main strip road that runs along the Dubai coastlines. Along that strip of road you can see from afar the glittering white sands of the numerous private and public beaches, resorts and hotels. All the attractions that you wished to see will be revealed before your eyes!

Aside from swimming, there is much other stuff that you can experience that will surely bring you the experience of a lifetime! You can do barbeque picnics along the shores and you can even hold formal events. Name it and Dubai waters can bring it!

One of the best beaches of Dubai is the Al Mamzar Beach. Al Mamzar Beach is the longest beach along the coastlines of Dubai; it is bestowed not just with vast waters but also with 100 hectare vast luscious green lands suited for picnics and other outside gatherings. The white sands of Al Mamzar Beach are best for tanning that white skin. Aside from the great shores and vast seawater, Al Mamzar Beach also has swimming pools. These pools are suited especially for children. Truly, the Al Mamzar Beach is the best place where you can unwind under the shimmering sunshine!

Next in line of the best beaches in Dubai is Jumeirah Public Beach. However, Jumeirah Beach is not as vast as the Al Mamzar Beach but it will not be the least choice for your beach trips. In fact, Jumeirah Beach is the most popular beach of Dubai. It caters a wide space for gaming and sport events and for picnics. Aside from that, your safety is the primary concern of Jumeirah! In fact, many well trained lifeguards are on duty so visitors could assure their safety while having fun on the waters! It also caters facilities to serve their customers better examples are the dressing rooms and shower rooms.

In both of these beaches- Al Mamzar Beach and Jumeriah, Wednesday is dedicated and devoted to women and children.

Upon visiting Dubai, it is really a crime if you will fail and miss the chance to get into the waters of the beaches of Dubai; therefore, make sure that visiting one of the Dubai beaches should be put into your itinerary! Surely, your visit in Dubai will truly be an unforgettable experience!