Dubai Diamonds

Dubai and in fact the whole United Arab Emirates of which Dubai is a member emirate has poor natural resources with the sole exception of oil. However, knowing that oil does not last forever and thanks to the natural genetics of the Arabic nation, Dubai people are natural born merchandisers. Therefore, Dubai has a heavily business oriented culture and it tries to give too possibilities for everyone who wants to start up a business there. Due to its culture, Dubai has always been a natural gold jewellery making country. Next to gold, Dubai picked up diamond industry too, to implement and to enhance the Dubai diamonds business internationally. It has taken several steps in this direction and as of today, the role of Dubai in terms of diamonds trading is undisputed.

Dubai has always had great business relation with all over the surrounding continents, which include Africa, Europe and Asia. Thanks to this triangle Dubai has always been a very important member of the so-called Silk-Road, the main business path Europe has built out in order to import all the luxury goods from every parts of the world. Dubai has also very developed resources with African and Asian countries especially with India which is the worlds Nr. 1 gold importer being on the first place for the cutting and polishing of 98% diamonds of the world. Although Dubai has not been the member of the main companies that has monopolistically dealt with diamonds industry for centuries, today it receives the majority of its diamonds from India, Africa and even Russia. Dubai has gained quite a specific role in the diamonds industry when it came out with its own cut of diamonds named "Dubai Cut" representing 99 facets of the stone as to the 99 names of Allah, the god of Muslims, being by far the one and only cut named after a land and not by its shape.

Today, diamond and jewellery business is under the control of DMCC the Dubai Multi Commodity Centre being based in the brand new Jumeirah Lakes Towers' main building called "Diamond" in Arabic. The importance of DMCC is big in the main retail industries of Dubai, enclosing also gold, silver, tea and textiles. DMCC empowers the Dubai diamond jewellery business giving it a fusion with the help of attending international diamonds and jewellery conferences, being member of the international diamonds related committees and organising international events in Dubai, such as the Dubai International Jewellery Week to attract international attraction and to help with the making of international contracts regarding the sales of diamonds and all sorts of jewellery. The DMCC controls the daily rates of gold, silver and gemstones and it is to provide jewellers with a background when it comes to business.

Dubai diamonds and jewellery industry is flourishing thanks to all the international businesses helping with both the importing of the best quality gold and diamonds and with the exporting of high quality diamonds and jewellery.