Dining in dubai

If there is one common thing that all races will gather and sit into one that will definitely be food!

Food is everybodyís favorite! Who would not? If there is one place where you want to experience the blend of taste of almost all cultures, it is advisable for you to visit restaurants in Dubai! Have a taste to Dubaiís food. Dubaiís food is like the melting pot of all the food of the Middle East. Feel the thrill and hotness of spices. Even though those restaurants in Dubai do not offer alcoholic beverages, you can still be satisfied with the tastes of its recipes!

If you will come to drop at Dubai, you will surely be going indecisive because of the many restaurants that offer good and mouth watering Dubai food. However, here is a list of the best of the bestís restaurants that Dubai cradles:

Do you love Indian foods? Well, Ashiana is highly recommended for you. Even you are far from India you can still taste Indian cuisines. Aside from that, hospitable and nice waiters will accommodate you with warm smiles and helloís! Feel the Indian mood with the smell of the spices and hear the sound of India through Indian music! Ashiana is located at Sheraton Dubai Hotel and Towers.

Have a taste of Dubaiís local food. Do not forget to go and try Middle Eastís cuisines at Al Qasr. Al Qasr is located at Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa. Enjoy Lebanese and other Middle Eastern Cuisenes in one stop. Aside from the food, Al Qasr also offers magnificent garden for a romantic date, swimming pools and beach. Be entertained with the belly dancers who dance over the Arabian Music.

If you are lone in Dubai, and looking for an intelligent and attractive dinner partner? Head to the website of Dubai Elites, a professional event and personal management company, as they offer beautiful social and party hostesses for any occassions.

Indeed, Dubai is a melting pot and a place of many tongues! For those who wish to taste Thai Food, feel free to visit Benjarong in Dusit Hotel. It provides mouth-watering dishes to suit your Thai tongue.

Do you wish to experience all the taste of the world in just one corner? Well, it is recommended for you to hop in Century Village. Century Village is a refectory of many dining restaurants which provides fine dining in Dubai. It has a very relaxing atmosphere. Its landscape of green and luscious plants that are accentuated with fountains will really calm you down and gives you the best unwinding experience while filling in your tummy with great food of your choice. Hop into Da Gama if you wish to taste food of Portugal. Go Italian at La Vigne. In Century Village, you can also hop into the Japanese Sushi Bar if your tongue is already looking for the taste of the Oriental Cuisines. Visit the Coffee Shop and smell the aroma of the fine coffees of Dubai and other countries. However, you will lose half of your life if you will fail to visit the Arabian Restaurants that offer the top of the line cuisines of the Middle East! A courtyard area is provided for guest and visitors who wish to seat outside to feel the scent of Dubai.

Many other restaurants that offer unique and different cuisines and services are around Dubai. Surely, you will not get hungry in Dubai!