Dubai festivals & events

As a happening place, Dubai is absolutely matchless. Its innumerable events, festivals, shows, and activities draw millions of visitors and tourists from all over world. Dubai has never failed to dazzle the world.

Dubai’s religious festivals are a sharp contrast to its commercial blasts. The holy month of Ramadan surrounds Dubai with an aura of peace, serenity, and holiness, when its citizens fast from dawn to dusk as an act of self-purification. The Eid-Ul-Fitr, or simply Eid for short, marks the end of this month of fasting and sacrifice. Muslims celebrate the day and exchange gifts after the morning prayers. Another major religious festival is the Eid Al Adha, a four-day festival, which marks the end of Haj, the pilgrimage that all Muslims should make to Mecca at least once in their lives.

Dubai Shopping FestivalIn Dubai, every year brings with it a load of fun, frolic, and activities. If you visit Dubai in january and february, you will meet the full blast of the Dubai Shopping Festival, a shoppers’ dream event with thousands of great bargains, sales, raffles, draws, promotions, and so on. The event does not put a period at shopping but extends itself as an entertainment event too. Visitors will be fascinated with its international theater and street performances, fashion shows, nightly fireworks, film festivals, children’s events, prize draws, concerts, carnivals, games, and handicraft shows.

When you have shopped to your hearts content, you can proceed to the International Jazz Festival, a multi-day music event that features every genre of jazz. The event far surpasses a music lover’s wildest dream. The Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb, one of the internationally acclaimed stars, will perform at the 2008 event.

Dubai Summer Surprises, a government-sponsored program that started in 1998, is a summer event that aims to give a fruitful holiday experience to families. Its three-month long children’s carnival and a variety of leisure activities, such as horse and camel back riding, guided fishing trips, puppet shows, and video game competitions, promise to keep kids occupied. Many Summer Surprises events are held in the cool air conditioned interiors of sophisticated shopping malls.

The Wellbeing Show that will be held in Jumeirah Conference Center, Dubai, will be attractive to health and wellness freaks all over the world. The three-day event hosts a series of talks by talented health and wellness experts on a variety of topics, such as fertility, natural dermatology, lifestyle enhancement, nutrition, diabetes, obesity, natural healing and fitness, aromatherapy, yoga, oral health, reflexology, tai chi, and crystal meditation.

Dubai has a myriad of sports events that will keep sports enthusiasts amused and excited. Some of these events are the Dubai Desert Classic for those with a passion for golf, Dubai Tennis Championships for tennis players all over the world, camel racing, horse racing, and the Dubai World Cup, the richest horse race in the world, which offers US$3.6 million to the winner.

Dubai has something for everybody. You can shop till you drop, listen to endless hours of choice music, keep your children amused and occupied while you make a bargain at a mall, or cheer yourself at a sports event. There is always something happening in Dubai.