Getting around in Dubai

Dubai, one of the world's most exciting travel destinations gives you a whole range of different experiences from the beautiful undulating desert sands to the bustling downtown areas. This majestic desert city has something for everyone - from the holidaymaker to the businessman. Well, in Dubai, getting around to your favorite destinations, either for a relaxing break or for shopping, is not a major problem.

Taxis are the most common way for getting around Dubai apart from other modes of transport like the car rentals, public transport and Abras. Cheap and easy to find, the Taxis can be found on the streets or booked in advance for getting around. The metered taxis of the Dubai Transport Corporation are the safest and the most reliable while getting around Dubai. These taxis are recognized by its cream color and uniformed drivers.

Though Taxis are in vogue, the rented cars are most preferred for getting around as you could make a choice of places and explore the city in your own time. They are also cheaper than the taxis and the best choice for getting around the desert city. There are a multitude of car rental companies, local and international, providing service for cheap rates and very little paperwork, for getting around. You can rent a car with or without a driver for get around and the rates vary from small cars to the top luxurious ones. An International Driving Permit is needed for hiring a car. In case you do not have one, a temporary driving permit can be obtained.

While getting around the city, it is preferred that you avoid driving in the mornings and afternoons as traffic often slow to a standstill making even the shortest trip a long and frustrating experience.

Another means for getting around Dubai is by buses. Almost all the nook and corner of the city is connected with this public transport system. Though limited in service, you can rely on the Bus services while getting around as the buses arrive at frequent intervals. The fares are also much cheaper. The routes and bus numbers are written in both Arabic and English, which helps you in getting around without any difficulty. If you are staying for more than a week, then you can get the discounted bus passes, which comes much cheaper for getting around the splendid city.

No tourist getting around the city can miss the Abras (small wooden motorboats) across the Creek that takes you along the old historical routes and the modern day attractions. Crossing between Deira and Bur Dubai, the Abra allows you to get a full view of the city from the water. Costing cheap, the Abras set off very regularly, and the service is available round-the-clock. They can also be hired for private tours and prices are negotiable. Prices can be higher for dinner cruises with on-board entertainment. Getting around Dubai is going to be much easier once the metro monorail commences its operations in 2009.