palm Dubai

If you have ever visited Palm Island in Dubai you’ll know what we’re talking about! The series of artificial islands in Palm Island have been constructed to perfection and are considered to be a goldmine in real estate activity. Commissioned by the extremely wealthy Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Palm Island was primarily built to attract tourism into Dubai.

A little about Palm Island
The Palm Island is considered currently to be one of the biggest projects as far as reclamation land is concerned. These islands in Palm Island are being constructed to build some of the largest artificial islands of the entire world! Currently these islands in Palm Island are being constructed by the famous property developer called Nakheel Properties. This property developer is based out of the UAE and is known to have recruited Dutch contractor Van Oord in building Palm Island. The contractor Van Oord is known to be one of the best in land reclamation projects and hence have been hired to build Palm Island.

Palm tree shapes
It has been decided that each settlement in Palm Island will be made in the form of a palm tree shape. This will then be topped off by a crescent shape. There will be a wide variety of entertainment, leisure as well as residential establishments in each settlement of Palm Island. It has been estimated that the Palm Island which is situated off coastal region of UAE will add around close to 520 Kms. of extensive beaches to Dubai.

Palm Deira
Palm DubaiIt has been estimated that the initial two islands of Palm Island will be made of mainly sand and rock amounting to 100 million meter cubes. The construction materials are going to be quarried in UAE. Palm Deira is expected to be a name encompassing three settlements of Palm Island. It will comprise more than 1 billion m3 of sandy and rocky material. It has been planned to have more than 100 hotels of five or seven star status in these islands of Palm Island, as well as various high-end beach villas and apartments. There will also be many health spas, shopping malls, water parks as well as restaurants that will be constructed in Palm Island. It has been said that Palm Deira of Palm Island is going to be as large as the city of Paris itself!

How the Palm Island is constructed
The Palm Island basically comprises of sand which has been excavated from the ocean bed of the Persian Gulf region. This sand is scattered by special dredging ships into designated areas. This special technique of spraying sand to make the Palm Island settlements is called rainbowing. It’s called so because of the arc-like shape of each sand settlement. Each crescent shaped establishment of Palm Island is going to have a rock breakwater located on its outer edges. In fact if you look at just Palm Jumeirah which is part of Palm Island, it alone has close to rock material weighing over 7 tonnes! Work on the famous Palm Jumeirah of Palm Island began as early as 2001 and after this the construction of Palm Jebel Ali was shortly announced later.