Dubai powerboat racing

Dubai has always been known as a touristís delight. People from all across the world visit this most beautiful destination year after year. One of the most popular marine sports in Dubai is powerboat racing. With a devout following of fans of this sport, Dubai has become a city to reckon with as far as powerboat racing is concerned.

The current trend of water sports
Dubai has always been encouraging of its water sports. It is considered to be a vital part of their history, culture and heritage. In spite of the many types of marine sports followed in this region, somehow powerboat racing has managed to retain a significant place in Dubai. Although most of the other marine sports have a strong commercial and business sponsorship, it is powerboat racing that has the maximum volunteers in terms of sponsorship. Owing to the large expanse of the Arabian Sea, it is only natural that water based sports like powerboat racing are so highly popular in Dubai! It was as recently as 2005 that powerboat racing was heralded by the inauguration of the now famous Dubai Autodrome which sees thousands of people flocking to it to participate in international water sports events.

Victory: the national team
In Dubai if there is one team that celebrates and cherishes powerboat racing it is the Victory team. Having won a wide variety of powerboat racing contests such as the renowned F1 contest and UIM first class championship, this team has made its mark both within Dubai as well as abroad. The Dubai Powerboat RacingVictory team as of now holds a record of winning 6 massive first class championships in powerboat racing and 4 second class contests in this water sport. Considering the fact that the Victory team was initialized only in the initial part of the 90s, it is indeed a matter of praise that today this team has won so many laurels and awards in powerboat racing! In those early days the team was perceived as an underdog by most people. However, today powerboat racing is a different story altogether!

An elite sport
Perceived by most to be a marine sport that belongs to the aristocratic and upper classes, powerboat racing is a game packed with action and adventure. Powerboat racing also has all the charm, glamour and glitz that are usually associated with a game of international standards. The glamour of powerboat racing can in fact even be compared to the famous derby or horse racing events! Every year the powerboat racing competition is conducted in Dubai during the month of November. This contest of powerboat racing is also known by the name of UIM or Union International Motonautique Class I Championship.

Life threatening and dangerous
If you thought powerboat racing was a fancy sport devoid of risk, think again! Powerboat racing is very similar to riding a fighter plane because both the throttle person as well as the driver is strapped to the boat. Weighing over 5 tons, the boat used in powerboat racing measures 14 meters in length. Engines that power this massive boat go till as much as 160 miles per hour.