scuba diving in Dubai

Dubai is strategically located right next to the vast and expansive Arabian Sea. No wonder then that marine sports take on so much importance for the native people here. Scuba diving is a national favorite. Right from the reefs located at Al Fujayrah to the wreck dives located in Dubai, deep sea fishing is a widely followed water sport here!

Types of marine life
If you are an avid scuba diving fan then you will simply love Dubai! You can also expect to find a wide variety of fish and other marine life during your deep sea fishing expeditions here. Right from eels, turtles, snappers, batfishes, soft corals to parrotfish, to even reef sharks as well as hammerheads. On your scuba diving expeditions, you may also be lucky to find whales, tuna, barracudas, squids, lionfish, clownfish as well as seahorses in plenty!

Where to get diving gear
You need to wear a swimsuit in order to do deep sea fishing properly in Dubai. There are plenty of such scuba diving organizations which will provide you with a variety of gear like fins, snorkels, masks etc. These are located along the eastern coast of Dubai. If you find these deep sea fishing gears a little on the expensive side, then consider buying these from the small shops next to beach hotels in Dubai.

Amateur or experienced
Dubai Scuba DivingNo matter whether you are an amateur or a seasoned scuba diving expert, there are plenty of diving outfits who can help you out. If you arenít that experienced with deep sea fishing, you can always just test out the waters by taking a quick swim along with the supervision of experienced trainers. If you happen to be an experienced scuba diving expert, then you could also dive in a more difficult terrain for added challenge! Many of these organizations will also guide you through specialized and customized diving trips which are according to your experience level. Many shops along the beach will also assist you in the maintenance, servicing and repair of such deep sea fishing equipment.

Want to learn diving? You can now!
If you have always been fascinated with scuba diving but didnít know how to, here is your chance to learn scuba diving in Dubai! Yes, once in Dubai you can expect to find plenty of scuba diving training institutes who will guide and train you through the various aspects of this sport. The levels range from beginner right up to instructor level. Many of these scuba diving training institutes offer a lot of flexibility in their training schedules. So, whether you are a visitor or a resident you can easily learn scuba diving as per convenience. Thus, the next time you are in Dubai and want to be an expert in scuba diving activities, you can do so easily by enrolling yourself in one of these courses!