Dubai shopping malls

Dubai is full of shopping malls, as one of the most popular activities of Dubai is the shopping of anything and everything. When you arrive here and see all the incredible variety of goods in every different types of shopping malls, you won't be able to help but wanting to see them. Dubai shopping malls are not only popular because they are big and full of stores, but also out of the reason, that each one of them would like to give something different and something unique to the shopper.

Let's see some of the best quality Dubai shopping malls: You will be able to find at least one Dubai shopping nalls in every district of Dubai, therefore we won't be able to talk in detail about each great Dubai shopping malls we will try to give you an overall picture about the main Dubai shopping malls instead:

Dubai Mall: even when you don't know much about Dubai, you will get to know soon enough that Dubai has an unfinished desire to make as many world records as it can, thanks to its unique architecture and really unique ideas which make Dubai a really interesting place to live. Dubai is the land of dreams coming true and that really goes for its architectural masterpieces too, out of which the Dubai Mall is only one. The Dubai Mall is the biggest shopping mall in the world, by means of total shopping space and there is no store which you wouldn't be able to find here. Dubai Mall is especially famous for giving home to the best fashion and jewellery brands in the world, having its own Gold Souk, big department shores such as Debenhams, Bloomingdale's and the biggest Marks and Spencer of Dubai just to mention a few examples. Dubai mall is the biggest of all shopping malls and its visited by tens of thousand of people each day. Dubai Mall also has several entertainment programs and theme parks such as the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, the SEGA Universe and many others.

Mall of the Emirates: Which is simply referred to as MOE by most of the expats is of the biggest Dubai shopping malls with one alone standing attraction: the Dubai Ski, which also has two luxury hotels build to it in order to attract all the more people. Dubai Ski is unique in many ways, there is no other place like this in the whole Middle East where you could ski inside and get to know the feeling of snow when you are a local who wouldn't normally have the chance to experience all this. Besides this the Mall of the Emirates is a great shopping mall, giving home to some of the best furniture stores of Dubai, housing the British department store Harvey Nichols and giving home to several entertaining centres too.

Deira City Centre is one very popular shopping mall for many and its famous for its high profile jewellery stores and of having the largest Carrefour of Dubai built into it.

BurJuman Shopping Mall is housing several worldwide exclusive brands, its among the biggest and newest Dubai shopping malls and its excessively famous for its Saks Fifth Avenue department store.

Other than these the following Dubai shopping malls are famous: Lamcy Plaza, Mirdif City Centre, the Festival City Shopping Mall the Marina Mall and the Wafi City Centre too. All these Dubai shopping malls have a little bit of a different style and strengths. If you like shopping visit these malls too for the most popular designer brands like Armani, Burberry, Versace, Hermes and so on.