Dubai souks

In this article we would like to represent two important Dubai souks the Al Khaleej Souk in Wafi City and the Naif Souk located in the Souk district of Deira. Both Dubai souks represent the traditional souk values with a little bit of more modern outlook, yet with all the best goods you can get in traditional souks, therefore they are highly recommended to visit.

Let's start up with the representation of Naif Souk, formerly known as one of the best historical Dubai Souks located in the Deira souk district being quite close to the Dubai Creek. Al Naif also has historical value as it houses one of the former 5 guarding towers from where guards used to watch in order to avoid surprise attacks on behalf of tribes. Naif has also a beautiful tower. In 2008 a terrible accident has seemed to put the further life of Naif Souk to an end, when an unexpected fire has burned the souk, virtually to the ground. In this fire the goods of dozens of retailers has also burned which put many people to the edge of losing everything they had. After 4 years of this fire, Dubai government will soon finish the building of the new Naif Souk, in the place of the old one. The huge souk will be housed in a half-oriental, half modern building on several floors with a built out fire alarm system and air condition all the same. This may destroy our dreams of seeing Al Naif Souk as one of the traditional Dubai souks. But at least has helped to keep and treasure the memory of Al Naif and helps to hundreds of retailers, giving them chance to sell their authentic goods there.

Al Khaleej Souk: Al Khaleej souk is one of the "new-old" Dubai souks which though does all its best to keep the outlook of the traditionally wooden covered tight laned labyrinth like souk format which so many tourists and also locals love about souks. Al Khaleej Souk is located within the Wafi City which is one of the strangest shopping and entertainment centres of Dubai, trying to give back some atmosphere and outlooks of ancient Egypt quite interestingly, mixing it all up in such style, only Dubai extravaganza style does. Besides the Al Khaleej Souk is really a great place to be, looking authentic, with all the smells and the stores you would normally expect in a souk, trying to stick with the traditional souk format. All in all if you want to visit a souk which lives up to the expectations, then you shouldn't miss out visiting Al Khaleej souk, one of the very few Dubai souks which look authentic in their forms. If you are looking for the traditional souk format in Dubai souks look for the Deira textile and spice souks and visit the Ibn Battuta Mall in Bur Dubai, where you can find some great Egyptian souk streets inside the shopping mall, looking and feeling all authentic.

The traditional souks represent you with a colourful world also in Dubai, where you wouldn't normally expect this, yet you need to know where to find the real authentic places to see. Dubai souks are great, giving you chance to shop goods even from some of the furthest Asian corners of the world.