Theme Parks Dubai

Dubai is a land of wonders and therefore it wants to be the best in every aspect. Several Dubai theme parks have long enjoyed a priority status when it comes to their quality. Yes Dubai wants the very best theme parks in the world; therefore it has come up with the idea of establishing such theme parks the world has never seen before. The plans are still being worked on and if they ever going to be ready, then they will give Dubai another great deal of extra attention.

Before the financial crisis has broken out and even took Dubai off the top of the ladder, there was a plan to build a never seen before huge theme park, which would make the size of a large city with extreme attractions and last but not least, the first ever Universal Studios in the Middle East. Yet Dubai got also caught up in the crisis, so now the plans have become unsure. This project is named Dubailand and it would have consisted countless extreme attractions, all the way from dinosaur robots till ancient cities rebuilt, starships flying and all other super-extreme attractions. Dubailand was a genuine project, some parts of which were managed to get built or partly built yet the rest of the project, if it will ever be built will cost so much, which not even Dubai can finance at the moment. Dubailand would have consisted of 5 main parts and all these parts would have served with dozens of theme parks, resorts, living areas and all what it takes for a theme park city to be successful. If it would ever get ready, Dubailand will make Dubai theme parks such a name which will attract millions of visitors yearly. Some examples of Dubai theme parks which would have stood in the Dubailand in its Attractions and Experience World part:

. Al Khaeel Equestrian Theme Park
. Aquadunia Theme Park - an extremely huge water world with a leading story and a huge ship in the middle of the central lake
. Bawadi resort land - which would have been the Las Vegas of Dubai
. Dreamworks Theme Park
. F-1 Theme park in the Dubai Motorcity-Dubailand
. Pharaohs Theme Park: this would have made one gem of Dubai theme parks following the scenes of the movie The Mummy with everything looking authentic to recreate ancient Egypt in the Dubai desert
. Restless Planet: City of Arabia: another one of Dubai theme parks the making of which has made such news that the idea of this theme park was even the topic of German cartoon movie called Impy the Dinosaur II.
. Sahara Kingdom: with virtual attractions and park rides would have been one of the most unforgettable Dubai theme parks. It was planned to give back the atmosphere of the folklore fairy tale 1001 Arabian Nights. Dubailand's Dubai theme parks would have had other unbelievable segments such as the Legends of Dubaland, the Marvel Superheroes Theme Park, of the Legoland Dubai.
Other one in the row of the "soon-to-be-ready" theme parks is the Worlds of Discovery Theme Park which is to be located on the huge Jebel Ali Palm island an island which is getting closer to be finished now, as with the construction. The Worlds of Discovery will contain a DiscoveryCove which is scheduled to be finished in 2015 and the SeaWorld which is to be finished by the end of 2012.

These Dubai theme parks will all create such uniqueness for Dubai, that it has the possibility to create the highest ever income in the world out of one huge attraction. However Dubailand has some already functioning Dubai theme parks such as the MotorDome and the Global Village too.