Dubai Tourism

Dubai is one of the hottest travel destinations among the tourists all over the world. Tourism has become an important industry in Dubai. The tourism department has taken great steps to give important tourist information to visitors to make their stay a pleasant one. Before you plan a trip to Dubai, it is desirable that tourist information is gathered from various sources to make your trip to this exciting city a more memorable one. Gathering appropriate informations saves you from any inconvenience when you reach the destination. Tourist information centers are established all over the city by the government.

Here are some tourist informations that you may find relevant if you are planning to visit Dubai. Be prepared as the best time to visit this exciting desert city is the time between november and march. Read more about Dubai climate.

Tourist Information regarding Visa
Before you go to Dubai you should apply for tourist visa in advance. You can easily get a visa for thirty days for a trip to Dubai from the embassy. However, if you want to spend more than thirty days you will have to apply for a visit visa. It requires the sponsorship of any UAE resident or any company or hotel licensed to operate within the UAE. For more tourist information regarding visas you can contact various immigration departments in Abu Dhabi and the Department of Naturalization and Residency in Dubai.

Getting around in Dubai
Car hire is the best way to get around Dubai. Cheap car rentals are available all over the city. You can rent a car with or without a driver. If you are planning to drive a car yourself in Dubai, you should be careful on driving the main roads. The peak hours of morning and afternoon should be avoided by the tourists. Other than cars, buses are easy way to travel. Tourist information regarding the availability buses as well as cars is available at all major airports and tourists destinations. Before you travel, read our getting around and rent-a-car guide.

Exhibitions and festivals
Dubai plays a host to various international exhibitions and events. Dubai hosts the famous shopping festival every January. This festival is one of the best for shopping lovers. Another exhibition called Cityscape is held annually, this is a network marketing exhibition. Gitex, another exhibition focused on IT has become an attraction for young tourist. Dubai Desert Classic is a great event for golf lovers held in february every year. You can visit the official web site for further tourist information regarding these exhibitions, and read more about Dubai events & festivals.

Must see locations
Dubai is a beautiful city that has something for every one. The beautiful scenic beauty blended with the best kind of urban amenities makes it a place to be. There are a large number of places that one should visit when on a trip to Dubai. One must see the beautiful beaches, various skiing resorts, Wonderland Park and huge amusement parks which attract the kids a lot. Read more about Dubai attractions.

Websites for tourist information
Tourist Information for travelers is available on various web sites. These web sites give all the tourist information regarding the destinations you should visit, visa requirements and other things that you can plan on your Dubai vacations. You can also visit the official web site of UAE for more informations.