dubai Underwater hotel

If you are looking for something new and luxurious for your next stay in Dubai, you can have the exotic experience of underwater stay. Dubai Underwater Hotel is currently under construction on completion of which it is bound to become one of the most luxurious hotels of the world. It is bound to become one of the hottest places which will be chosen as the preferred destination of couples, familiesí couples and business houses. Dubai Underwater Hotel is designed keeping in mind three elements of the hotel which include, land station, the connecting tunnel and the numerous suites inside the hotel.

Dubai Underwater Hotel is also known as the Hydropolis. The developers believe it is just not another hotel development project, but it is a passion which is deeply imbibed within the developers. This is a dream design by the developers that too 20m below the Persian Gulf, which is still considered to be unimaginative by many people. The design of the hotel has been conceived in such a way, that the suites of the hotel are on the Persian Gulf. This implies that when you are sleeping in one of the luxurious suites of the hotel, you are actually sleeping on the floors of the Persian Gulf. Such complex luxury hotel constructions with so many modern amenities and use of recent technology have made Hydropolis one of the largest contemporary construction projects which have been undertaken in the world.

The most common question which comes in our minds is how we reach the hotel as it is located underwater. Reaching the station is an experience which cannot be forgotten easily. Visitors of the hotel will be using a land station for transportation. This is in the shape of a cylinder which is semi circular. Passengers board a train from the land station which takes them right to Hydropolis. Land station includes many kinds of facilities for the visitors such as several kinds of facilities, a cosmetic surgery clinic along with a marine biological research laboratory along with some of the best conference facilities, catering to the business professionals who wish to stay in the hotel. There are also staff rooms, excellent storage facilities along with loading spaces for the convenience of the guests. There are also parking areas to the surprise of many people.

Funding such a mammoth project is not easy. It needs fabulous amount of cash to make every architectural marvel a success. The most difficult part with this construction project was to find sponsors for the project. It is not easy to take the responsibility of financing such a huge project. Banks were not ready to pay such a huge amount as they believed it to be very risky and not worth making an investors. The developers and designers had a very tough time in convincing investors about the safety of the project and that they can profit with the project. However, efforts paid off when Dubai Development & Investment Authority (DDIA) took the initiative to handle different authorizations and grants related to the project.