Dubai weather

The success of your trip to Dubai depends a lot on the weather. You should take the climatic patterns of Dubai into consideration while planning your trip. The best time to visit Dubai is between november and april, when the weather is the coolest. The summers of Dubai, between june and september, are hot and humid. The winters of Dubai, between october and may, are warm and sunny. Although the beaches of Dubai attract crowds at any season, the temperature of the water is most comfortable during early spring and late fall.

The weather is hottest during the summer, and the temperature touches the mid forties. The more inland you go, the hotter it becomes. Even the temperature of the sea can touch thirty seven degrees Celsius. The costal areas are more humid than the regions inland. Yet, there are many advantages of visiting Dubai during the summer, if you are brave enough to do so.

The summer is the off-peak season; so, the hotel prices are at their lowest. Moreover, in a bid to create better holiday experiences for families during this season, the government has created the Dubai Summer Surprises, a series of activities for kids. When the kids are occupied, the parents can shop at the malls. However, the heat can kill the joy of these summer activities, and the busier winter season is a far better time to visit.

The weather during the winter months is friendly to visitors from the temperate regions. It is pleasant, warm, and sunny but not unbearably hot. The winter days experience a temperature of twenty three degree Celsius, while it is cool and pleasant at night.

The rainfall is sparse, and usually, the winter months are characterized by short cloudbursts. Some years are completely dry with absolutely no rainfall. The regular formation of dew sustains the vegetation and wildlife of Dubai.

However, the weather would hardly have any effect on tourists and visitors who prefer indoor activities. Dubaiís indoor weather is totally different from its outdoor weather. The reason for this is air conditioning. Dubai has had cooling systems since the early twentieth century, and you might find the indoor temperature cold and uncomfortable. If you prefer to spend more time indoors, you might find yourself dressing for the winter.

If you would like to save some money by visiting Dubai during the summer, it is important to keep in mind the fact that the heat is no excuse for shedding clothes. Dubai is the most liberal of the Emirates, but it dislikes immodesty.

It is not advisable to venture out of doors during the summer months. Most summer visitors find that they can do nothing much except laze by the hotel swimming pool and wait for the drinks waiter. If you are not used to high temperatures, beware of sunburn and heat strokes. Protect yourself by wearing a hat and using sunscreen. It is highly advisable to make a study of the weather conditions in Dubai, before purchasing your air tickets.