Dubai wild wadi water park

Feel on top of the world as you whiz down the slides, experience the thrill of soaring up in the air and allow yourself to be plunged and hurtled at the Wild Wadi Water Park. Nestled between the plush locales of Jumeirah, Wild Wadi Dubai is minutes away from the magnificent Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The rides at Wild Wadi Dubai can be classified as Waves of Fun, Kids' Friendly Fun, Relaxing Fun and Daring Fun, each offering different levels of excitement to its patrons. People with serious ailments are advised not to participate in the rides for their safety.

Waves of Fun include Wipeout and Riptide as well as Breaker's Bay. Wipeout was designed by Thomas Lotchefeld, a lawyer and a surfing enthusiast and is one of the four such pools in the world. Guests can ride the waves on surfboards and bodyboards since the pool generates realistic wave-like effect. The pool actually shoots out 7 tonnes of water every second in a thin sheet across a moulded foam structure. Wild Wadi Dubai boasts of the largest wave pool in the name of Breaker's Bay. This pool is open to both children and adults and they can enjoy the waves which can reach a height of 5 feet.

As the name suggests, Daring Fun is for the dare devils. Those who know no fear and who wish to conquer it, can enjoy themselves with Master Blaster, Ring Rides, Tantrum Alley, Burj Surj and of course the world famous, Jumeirah Sceirah. All these rides are slides that send you up, drop down, spin and splash at great speeds, designed especially to provide extreme entertainment. Master Blaster is an aquatic roller coaster ride which moves upwards. A ring is pushed up vertically to 15 meters with the help of strong jets of water. Master Blaster has 8 rides in all.

Ring Rides are downhill gravity rides where a person or two sits in a ring and slides down to the bottom. Falcon Fury, Thunder Rapids, Tunnel of Doom, Tumble Falls and Rushing Rapids are all Ring Rides which guarantee high-intensity thrills to the guests. Tantrum Alley is new at Wild Wadi Dubai. This ride is definitely one of the craziest as it involves three tornadoes. Riders are seated in a tube and they are sent through the tornadoes all the while moving back and forth, spinning around and then landing with a splash in the pool. Similarly, the Burj Surj send the riders seated in a tube down a slide and into a bowl spinning around twice, back on to the slide before landing in the pool.

Jumeirah Sceirah is a speed slide. It reaches a height of 108 feet and riders reach a speed of 80kmph while they make their way to the bottom of the slide. Kids and adults can enjoy Juha's Journey, a river ride while Juha's Dhow and Lagoon is exclusively for kids. Flood River allows guests to relax after a fast and furious time at Wild Wadi Dubai.