Dubai world island

The contractors Nakheel Properties who are based out of the UAE have made yet another man made island called The World Island. This island project has been constructed to replicate all the world's continents. The World Island is also going to be comprised of as many as 250 or 300 private small-sized islands of an artificial nature.

The categories
It has been decided that The World Island is going to be divided into primarily 4 categories:
private homes, estate homes, community islands and dream resorts

Every island in The World Island will have an estimated size of anywhere between 25,000 and 900,000 square foot. There will also be water bodies in between two consecutive islands in the The World Island measuring around 50 or 100 meters in width. The whole section of The World Island is going to take up an area measuring 9 Kms. lengthwise and 6 Kms. breadth-wise. There will also be a breakwater which is oval shaped. If you were to travel to The World Island in the future, you would only be able to reach it through some kind of marine transportation.

Budget set aside
The World Island is a prestigious project which has a total allocated budget of almost 1.8 billion USD set aside. The construction of The World Island has already finished now and the island is situated 4 Kms. near the coastal region of Jumeirah. Therefore The World Island is lying very close to the Palm Islands. Every island of The World Island is going to be sold off to private developers who will be ready to shell out at least 25 million Dirhams minimum.

The various islands
Dubai World IslandThe World Island is going to be comprised of different islands which are shaped just like the continents of the world. The island of Oqyana also called Oqyana World First of The World Island has gotten its name based on the Arabic term for Oceanic. It will comprise close to 19 different islands of the world namely the islands of Australia and New Zealand. Once in Oqyana of The World Island, you can view breathtaking views of the entire coastline of Dubai. You can also travel to this spectacular island from mainland region using ferry service. With over 90 water based homes, 1650 apartments and 170 canal based homes, the Oqyana of The World Island is estimated to be a residence of over 12000 people! The island of Oqyana will span a total area of close to 4.5 million ft.2. In addition to Oqyana of The World Island, there will also be the Orenburg and Rostov islands which are considered to represent Russian and Euro-Asian regions of the world. The island of Rostov in The World Island will contain 44 villas, each having its own private beach and pool. On the other hand the island of Orenburg in The World Island will have 220 different varieties of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. These will either have marina or sea views to them.